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Stem Cell Gurus

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The Mesengenic Process


Mesenchymal stem cells are considered multipotent because they differentiate (or become) a variety of cell types. They go on to create cells found in bone marrow, bone, cartilage, tendon, muscle and fat as seen above in the Mesenchymal Stem Cell Breakdown Chart above.

Learn the Basics!


Learn the basics about Stem Cells here:



The Stem Cell Gurus are very busy gathering information and meeting with cool people in the field to bring you the most up to date, interesting facts about stem cell research. Each month will have a different theme. “Stem Cell 101” It is set to launch May 7, 2012 with daily posts all week long!

Original Image Credit: Photomicrograph of stem cell differentiating Paul Tesar

(Light photo editing done to add more contrast by Megan Kern)

Meet a Researcher


Coming soon…meet a couple researchers a month through short video interviews. We understand these people are busy so we may have to have some written interviews here and there.

Here you will learn about what they are working on, recent breakthroughs as well as learn about their thoughts and ideas on the future of stem cell research.

As if that wasn’t cool enough…we want you to ask any questions you may have about stem cell research in the comment box to the right. If its a goodie, we will ask your question during the interview.



Stem Cell Gurus is an online identity created in the Spring of 2012 for young adults interested in knowing more about stem cell research. Similar sites encumber users by overwhelming them with regurgitated, outdated information, and little to no accurate visuals. is a spacious blog that welcomes users to explore its distinctive 3D shelf design and navigation. Monthly themes and multimedia posts with short descriptions and links will help drive the information home a little bit at a time. Interviews with local researchers give a rare first hand view of what a guru is and the breakthroughs they are involved in. To establish an initial following, social media will be utilized and stickers will be designed and distributed to local campuses with contact information. A strong identity and ties to the scientific communities in North East, Ohio will create a unique opportunity to learn, network and evolve past common misconceptions about stem cell research.